PIRA32 part list

Click to enlarge1x DIL28 socket
1x DIL16 socket
1x 24LC256
1x PIRA32 Microcontroller
1x MAX232CP
1x LM567
1x TLC272CP

1x PCF8563P
1x 7805
2x 1N4007

2x 1N4148
2x LED 5mm white
1x 4.332 MHz crystal

1x 32.768 kHz crystal
1x Coil 09P-331K radial (0.33 mH)
1x Coil 09P-152J radial (1.5 mH)
1x Signal relay 5x10 mm (submini) or 7.5x12.5 mm, 5-6 V

1x CR2032 battery holder vertical
1x Lithium battery CR2032

1x CANON 9 female 90 deg.
2x jumper
1x power supply connector
2x BNC connector 90 deg.


18x 2k (1%)
7x 10k (1%)
4x 33k (1%)
3x 15k (1%)
1x 4k7 (1%)
1x 91R

1x 150k
1x trimmer 1k 10mm (PT10)
1x trimmer 5k 5mm (PT06)
1x SIL resistor network 3x 1k (2%, discrete)
1x SIL resistor network 4x 1k (2%, discrete)


4x 1u/63V (E)
2x 100u/25V (E)
9x 100n (C)
2x 10u/50V (E)
2x 100u/16V (E)
3x 22p (C)
3x 4n7 (P)
1x 22n (5%, P)
1x 3n3 (P)
1x 220n (P)
2x 1n (C)
1x 47n (5%, P)
1x 330p (C)

1x 4u7 (P, RM=5mm)

p32lcd.gif (4323 bytes)The LCD display can be connected to any PIRA32 RDS encoder module regardless of date of production. It requires firmware version 1.5b or later.

Description and schematic diagram
PCB layout

Part list:

U1 - MCP23008
C1 - 100n (ceramic)

R1 - 10R
R2 - trimmer 10k

J1 - HD44780 based LCD module 16x2
J2 - jumper

PCB layout
Schematic diagram

Part list:

U1 - MRDS1322

R1, R2, R3, R4, R5. R6, R7, R8, R9, R22, R27 - 2k 1%

R10, R11, R12, R13, R14, R15, R16, R17, R19, R21 - 1k 1%
R18, R23, R24 - 10k

R20 - trimmer 1k
R25, R26 - 22k 1%

C1, C2 - 22p (ceramic)
C3, C4 - 100n (ceramic X7R)
C5 - 27n (plastic foil)
C6 - 10n (ceramic X7R)

L1 - 330 uH

Y1 - crystal 4.332 MHz

D1, D2, D4, D5 - BAT54 SOT23
D3 - Zener 6V2 SOT23

Data cable PC <-> RDS encoder

PIRA32 RDS Encoder

If you decide for the RS232 connection, the RDS encoder is connected directly to PC via standard serial cable terminated by CANON D-SUB female/male plugs. You can find full connection diagram in pdf manual provided on these pages.

Pin assignment as can be found on the devices:



RDS Encoder

9-pin male

25-pin male

9-pin female 9-pin male
Data from PC to RDS encoder
(forward channel)
3 2 3 2
Data from RDS encoder to PC
(feedback channel)
2 3 2 3
Signal ground 5 7 5 5


MicroRDS Encoder

See the information provided in the micrords.pdf.


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