How to change text sources in a predefined time?

This example applies to Dynamic PS 1 external text source change. The object of this change and the times are illustrated on the two pictures below:

chs1.gif (15262 bytes)

chs2.gif (15009 bytes)

1. Open the Task Scheduler, select first line and click on Create RDS file. Fill this content into the file and save it:


2. Select second line and using the same way create a file with this content:


chs3.gif (14248 bytes)

chs6.gif (8519 bytes)

For the text sources specified 0 means that the source is disabled (unchecked), 1 means that the source is enabled (checked).

3. Define the time for each item:

chs4.gif (24006 bytes)

chs5.gif (23946 bytes)

4. Make sure the Task Scheduler is enabled.


To change Radiotext 1 source, use [Radiotext] instead of [DPS1].

Open any RDS file created by Magic RDS and you may study its structure and propose any other elements for scheduling.

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