How to add a fixed text to the text sources loop?

You may use Dynamic PS 2 and Messages for this purpose (showing phone number, commercials and other static information). But if permanent on-line connection is available to the RDS encoder, then you may use a more effective way and it's better to switch off the Dynamic PS 2. The Dynamic PS 2 is useful mainly in cases when the RDS encoder is operating on remote site with no data connection.
We put all information to Dynamic PS 1.

  1. Type the text in any plain text editor (Notepad) and save it.
  2. Open the External Text window and select Text Sources card.
  3. Select Find File button and select the text file.
  4. Click on Update button.
  5. Check the source on Dynamic PS 1 card.

Tip: Set the option Then clear and Enqueue on Dynamic PS 1 sheet, disable Dynamic PS 2. This may be the best configuration if more sources is set for the Dynamic PS 1. Use short "Go to next after" values (about 1 minute or a bit less).

Tip: You may insert more lines to the text file.

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