How to put song artist and title from External text source to Radiotext?

Following method can be used for most broadcast automation systems which save current song information to a text file. Let's assume in this example that the file contains one line of the text information.

  1. In the Magic RDS choose Options - Text Setup. Configure the Radiotext 1, click on the Store button:

    rtonair1.gif (17195 bytes)
  2. Choose Tools - External Text Sources. Fill the file path and name or use the Find File button.

    rtonair2.gif (19803 bytes)
  3. Click on Test button:

    rtonair3.gif (2373 bytes)

    Congratulations! We can read the information from the file!
  4. Enable the external text source on the Radiotext 1 card. Then click on Close button:

    rtonair4.gif (15025 bytes)

    The Radiotext with song information will appear on the receiver and will be dynamically updated.
    To see the background of this feature, choose Tools - Show Command Console.

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