How to get song information from Nexgen XML file?

The Nexgen automation produces a text file with current song title and artist. The file has an XML structure as shown in this example:

ngxml1.gif (6456 bytes)

From version 3.8c the Magic RDS control software includes direct support for XML:

  1. Open the External Text window, select Text Sources card and define new text source:
    ngxml3.gif (20773 bytes)
  2. Select the Nexgen XML file. In the Process dropdown list select the XML option.
  3. Fill the element names: title as value %1%, artist as value %2%.
    Fill the output template: Now Playing: %1% - %2%

    Note: Since the element names occur only once in the file, there's no need to fill full path to the element.
  4. Click on the Test button:

    ngxml4.gif (2731 bytes)

    Yes, it's okay!


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