How to disable external text sources during a specified time?

In some cases, especially while taking a local break, it may be useful to disable the external text sources. During such period the information provided by the central broadcast automation system may not apply to the local program.

In following example, we will disable the external text sources between 12 PM and 1 PM. A static text will be showed instead. Please note that this example requires Magic RDS version 3.7b or later.

1. Assume that you've previously configured a Text Source for the Radiotext 1. So you can read current song information in the Radiotext.

break1.gif (13799 bytes)

2. From the main menu, select Tools - Task Scheduler. Enable it and fill exactly the lines provided below. Use Copy & Paste rather.

break2.gif (10460 bytes)

Line 1:
rds.radiotext.sendonchange=0; send:RT1=Local break static text message
Line 2:


3. For the line 1, configure the Times when the local break starts:

break3.gif (6513 bytes)

4. For the line 2, configure the Times when the local break terminates:

break4.gif (6487 bytes)

5. Click on Close and that's all!


Note: If you use Dynamic PS 1 instead of Radiotext 1, the lines in the Task Scheduler will have following content:

Line 1:
rds.dps1.sendonchange=0; send:DPS1=Local break static text message
Line 2:


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