How to get titles from news server?

1. Make sure the RSS support is enabled in External Text - More Options:

rss1.gif (15664 bytes)

2. Visit the news server you like and locate its RSS source address (RSS version 2.0 is suported):

rss2.gif (29265 bytes)

3. Paste the address to the Text Sources:

rss3.gif (17557 bytes)

4. Click on Update button:

rss4.gif (17648 bytes)

5. Click on Test button to verify that everything works ok:

rss5.gif (4176 bytes)

6. Enable the text source for the RDS service selected:

rss6.gif (14431 bytes)

7. Make sure the RDS service selected is enabled on its sheet:

rss7.gif (18226 bytes)

Now the application will read and update the titles automatically.

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