How to get song information from Winamp application title?

Use this method for any application which indicates its state in the window title.

  1. Run the Winamp.
    wa1.gif (9636 bytes)
  2. In the Magic RDS open the External Text window, select Text Sources card and click on Find Window. Locate the Winamp title and click OK.
    wa2.gif (24825 bytes)
  3. Click on Update button.
    wa3.gif (33242 bytes)
  4. Click on Test button. Yes, it's here! But it may be better than this:
    wa4.gif (5118 bytes)
  5. Select the More Options card and check Remove song numbering.
    wa5.gif (30335 bytes)
  6. On the Text Sources card select the Winamp source and fill " - Winamp" to the "Cut everything after" field. Click on Update.
    wa6.gif (33350 bytes)
  7. Click on Test button again. Much better than previous!
    wa7.gif (4471 bytes)
  8. As the last step, select the Winamp source on Dynamic PS 1 card and click Close.
    wa8.gif (24733 bytes)

Make sure the Dynamic PS 1 is enabled on the Dynamic PS 1 sheet. It's preferable to configure it before and Store it into the RDS encoder.

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