How to change Radiotext message in a predefined time?

Use this method if there's no permanent connection between the Magic RDS and the RDS encoder.

1. Click on RDS Encoder - Text setup and enable the Radiotext 2, click Store:

schm0.gif (18487 bytes)

2. Type the text to be scheduled in the Messages sheet, click Store:

schm1.gif (11662 bytes)

3. Open the Internal Scheduler window:

schm2.gif (3736 bytes)

4. Add the first item - Message Number 1, Send in Radiotext 2, click Insert:

schm3.gif (20326 bytes)

5. Set the days and times for the item, click OK:

schm4.gif (10919 bytes)

6. Insert other items using the same way. There's an item for each text message:

schm5.gif (18896 bytes)

7. Click Store. You'll see the result of your work firstly when actual time matches with any of the item inserted.

Note: Any item inserted with the Text Message option is automatically converted into appropriate ASCII command.

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