How to reset all functions and clear the RDS encoder's memory?

Sometimes it is useful to draw a line under the past. That applies also to the RDS encoder's settings, especially if the equipment will do service to another station or after hours of experimenting with the features.

To reset all function in the Magic RDS

  1. In menu File select Clear and confirm by clicking Yes.
  2. In Options - Preferences click on Set Defaults button. Note that some settings, like connection parameters, still remains.

To clear the RDS encoder's memory

  1. In menu Options - Special select Initialize and confirm by clicking Yes.
    Note that some settings remain in the RDS encoder's memory. Especially port speed, address lists, text messages and scheduling items (but scheduling is turned off).

What to do next?

  • For basic RDS services settings there's a simple configuration wizard included. Select Help - Basic RDS Settings Wizard.
  • Configure the rest of the services and save the settings using menu item File.


  • To keep the settings of External text feature or Text replacing feature, select File - Export before applying the reset. Finally select File - Import.
  • It may be useful to log all data that are sent to the RDS encoder. This can be done by checking Log TX data to file in Options - Preferences - General.
    The log files can be found in the application data folder (Options - Preferences - Misc. - Application folders).
  • If necessary, follow the Troubleshooting section (see last page of the pdf Technical manual).
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