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RDS Encoding Integrated Circuits
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Compact Case RDS Encoders for Radio Stations

  • Fully dynamic stand-alone FM broadcast RDS/RBDS encoders
  • Save space, energy and costs
  • Support RT+ tagging, parsing, scrolling, weekly scheduling, EON, UECP, ASCII, TMC and much more
  • Excellent compatibility with broadcast automation systems
  • We sell to all countries around the world

P332 RDS Encoder

P232 RDS Encoder

P132 RDS Encoder

FM broadcast RDS encoder with up to four independent communication ports.

Optically isolated RS-232 port, Ethernet connectivity.

Supports internet functions and remote monitoring. Economical alternative to industry standard RDS encoders.

FM broadcast RDS encoder equipped with single optically isolated communication port RS-232 (or USB with optional cable).

The P232 is the most accessible dynamic RDS encoder on the market. It's a successor of the popular PIRA32 RDS encoder.

FM broadcast RDS encoder with up to four independent communication ports.

USB connectivity for local settings and maintenance purposes, Ethernet connectivity for linking with broadcast automation system.

Supports internet functions and remote monitoring.

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RDS Encoder Modules

  • Ideal for embedding into an enclosure or FM transmitter
  • Come fully assembled, tested and ready to use
  • Assembly options available

P232 RDS Encoder Module

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Since low-cost STL links based on internet audio stream become popular, the Magic RDS now implements adjustable distribution delay for the External text tool.

25.04.2017 introduces new X-Command for simple loading of tagged text (RT+) into the RDS encoder. The X-Command potentially brings the same revolution to the RDS like the RT+ service as it finally allows the RT+ to become widely used.
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New RDS encoder model available - the P232 RDS Encoder with single RS-232 interface.

Latest Magic RDS version: 3.8b, latest firmware version: 2.1f



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